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Those pie pops would be awesome with french vanilla ice cream....yummy!

These pops look delicious! I want to make some! My kids will love this.

I am a little late getting on the cake ball wagon, I made cookies and crumbled them up, then made homemade cream cheese frosting. After dipping I left them on the counter to harden up. Do they have to be in the fridge after that because of the cream cheese? I read that chocolate will weep???
Thanks for your response, Merry Christmas

Hi Susan,

I did refrigerate my cake pops because of the cream cheese. The chocolate sweat more than weeped, so it wasn't really a problem.

A tip I have since learned is to put extra chocolate under the cake pop and let it harden before you dip it in the choclate so the cake pop is more secure.

Good luck, I hope they turn out well! Merry Christmas!

That baby girl is cute.

I made these with oreos instead of the cake and it worked well...I am also wondering how to store them and how long will they keep? thanks for the tip about extra chocolate under the pop. The next batch I will try that! I want to use them for a shower in two weeks. Do you think they will keep, or should I make a new batch. I never expected them to look so good on the first try.

Hi Kris,

I would say 3-4 days max for the cake pops in the fridge.

Have fun!

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